Girls Twerking | White Girls Twerk Team

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Girls Twerking | White Girls Twerk Team
Hello Everyone! Today video is special, but you know what? This video is special, previous video was special and upcoming video will be special as well. Guess why? Because now there are two of us on this channel, i.e me (Lea) and my lovely sexy friend Katy and we are ready to blow up your heads off so you’d better watch your hat!
You might notice that the name of this channel has changed. We were choosing among Twerk Princes, G Booties and Hot pumpkins. Hot pumpkins almost won, but then turns out that there are already kids choir, Christian rock band and public cafeteria with this name (and only god knows what else!) so we decided to go with Diamond Chickz. It’s almost unique (only one shop with clothes for strippers has this name so far) and we don’t need to change our logo much.
In this particular video you may enjoy double portion of the best twerk that you can get on YouTube. But beware watching of this video can cause real twerk overdose and ass addiction. The best form of addiction from my point of view. Also, it may cause eye problems because you will be trying to look at two sexy booties at the same time. So we highly recommend watching it two times minimum.
Sincerely yours,
Diamond Chickz