TwerkOut Crew NEW Twerk Dance Video ! Watch in HD!

TwerkOut DANCE Crew!

Let me show You our NEW short dance video !

Polish Twerk Dance Squad working out with Domi- initiator and precursor of TwerkOut Workout!
Different grils from Different dance styles and activities find one new way to express their-selfs 😉
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What is TwerkOut? It’s kind of new activity based on untypical cardio workout with twerk dance moves mixed in sensual, varied choreography. TwerkOut!
If You don’t prefer going to gym or taking usual fitness classes than this type of motion can be perfect for You. Try it, it will help You to be more confident and awere of Your body.
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Kamila Pietraszuk
Agata Basa
Dominika Paliwoda
Ada Jawornicka
Hania Kowalska
Barbara Dulak
Karolina Turlińska

Twerkout Instructor Domi Śliwińska

Video by Mateusz Bień
Edytor: Dominika Śliwińska